Helmet Assembly

Our helmets provide breathing air to workers inside confined spaces and nitrogen purged vessels. The primary and backup secondary regulators create a positive pressure environment to prevent dangerous gasses from entering the face piece. All helmets are equipped with a certified impact resistant lens visor and delivered in a protective carrying bag

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  • Includes primary and secondary, demand flow pressure regulators that operate independent of each other for near effortless breathing
  • The secondary regulator acts as the automatic backup to the primary in case of air interruption
  • Includes all connectors and fittings
  • Inflatable bladder allows a customized fit for different users
  • Compatible with all BSI Life Support System equipment


  • Outer shell: Fiberglass with Carbon Fiber reinforcements
  • Chin mounted air connections with optional swivel connection
  • Custom colors available
  • Video camera optional
  • Weight: 10lbs

Product Information

The Breathing Systems helmet assembly can include a color video camera (BSI Vision). The hands free operation of the video camera provides safety surveillance and a means for vessel inspection. The video signal transmitted through the umbilical’s coaxial cable can be connected to a video monitor or notebook computer and all vessel operations recorded. If the notebook computer has a wireless connection to the Internet, the video signal can be sent to the internet and access is protected and controlled by password.
This BSI Vision feature enables an offsite and real time assessment of mechanical conditions inside the vessel. Maintenance and repairs should be carried out by certified personnel trained by Breathing Systems Inc, Pensacola, Florida.


  • Catalyst loading and unloading
  • Inspection and mechanical work
  • LNG industry
  • Petroleum storage vessels

Safety Certifications:

  • CE 0158
  • Process plants
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Utility companies
  • Marine Installations
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