Experienced. Diverse. Highly Skilled.

Breathing Systems is privately owned and located on the Gulf of Mexico

Our Company

Conveniently located

On the Gulf of Mexico, Breathing Systems is a privately-owned business that designs, manufactures, and services Life Support Systems used throughout the petroleum refining, petrochemical, and liquid natural gas industries during catalyst handling, inspection, and repair operations.

For over 21 years

The company has provided quality products and services for over 21 years, establishing a strong reputation in the industry. With its experienced, diverse, and highly skilled team, Breathing Systems keeps working to achieve the company mission being a world leader in the production and sale of life support equipment, whilst providing the best value to its customers.

Quality and Safety

Quality and Safety are priorities for Breathing Systems Inc. The company is regularly audited and has received accreditations from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the European Economic Area (CE).

Our History

Prior to 1972

Industry safe operating procedures did not permit man entry into nitrogen purged vessels before 1972. In the petroleum refining industry, catalyst was either regenerated or quenched with water before unloading operations could commence and the extended downtime was costly. Although supplied air breathing masks were available, a long history of accidents ruled them unacceptable for use in nitrogen purged confined space.

In 1973

In 1973 a major North American petroleum refining company pioneered man entry into nitrogen purged catalytic reactors with Life Support System helmets. Their success led to a gradual acceptance of this new method for downtime reduction. Today, downtime savings to the industry are measured in hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

Quality and Safety are priorities for Breathing Systems Inc